York House

Pandas Paediatric Acupuncture Clinic


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                                           Emma Rickards-Tilley

Emma Rickards-Tilley runs the Pandas Paediatric Acupuncture Clinic at York House.



I will be treating newborn babies upto 15 year olds.  



Dietary advice is also offered where appropriate and is adapted to the child's Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis ie the dietary advice is given to enhance the condition being treated because an unsuitable diet can aggravate certain conditions, such as in cases of asthma and eczema. 


Incredibly fine needles are used that are rarely even felt and children are surprisingly accepting of the treatment. The fine needles are only inserted very superficially and in children upto 8 years are only retained for a few seconds. Sometimes gentle massage techniques are used and Moxibustion treatment (Moxa is a herb that is burned to create a gentle warmth on the body and is a very safe and comforting treatment).


The number of treatments required varies enormously from child to child and depends on the condition being treated (and the TCM diagnosis of that condition) as well as the individual child's medical history and overall health. 


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Treatments are usually carried out whilst the child sits on their parent's lap in a large open treatment room, using screen dividers where appropriate. It's a system used in China, known as a Multibed system and enables us to keep treatment prices low. Treatments usually last upto half an hour. 


Panda's is the first specialist TCM children's clinic in Somerset and offers a great opportunity for parents to use a natural approach to their child's healthcare. 


Anna and Emma also treat mothers during their pregnancy from morning sickness right through to labour. Inductions and turning breach babies are some of the treatments provided to mothers.  These treatments can help mothers have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birthing experience whilst also nurturing the unborn baby's health. 



Please feel free to call Emma at York House 07825 224 853 or email:erickardstilley.com to have a chat about your child's health issues, pregnancy care and acupuncture treatment, and/or to make an appointment.