Our Practitioners

Karen Atkinson

Founder of York House

Dr Vanessa Snowdon-Carr

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Maya Spencer

Consultant Psychiatrist

Fran Hardiman

McTimoney Chiropractor

Vicky Krawec

Specialist Dietitian

Anna Jolly

Tui Na massage & Acupuncture

Somerset Nutrition - Nutritional Therapists

Somerset Nutrition

Nutritional Therapists

Trevor Hoskisson

Trevor Hoskisson

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dr Vanessa Snowdon-Carr. Clinical psychologistVicky Krawec. Specialist dietitian

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Dr Rebecca Hobbs

Yoga Teacher & Homeopath

Simon Copp. 
Craniosacral Therapist

Simon Copp

Craniosacral Therapist

Dr Rebecca Hobbs


Centre for Integrated Healthcare

and Complementary Medicine